Age: 25-28 years old
Breed: Miniature pony
Sex: Mare
Color: White and Tan pinto
Description: Cassey was rescued with Charlie and placed into Sunshine Horses for adoption. We were told she is a mini pony and absolutely the smallest “horse” most of us have ever seen. Our vet believes she is between 25 and 28 years old. She is like a little grandmother and has a deep soul. She is incredibly sweet and gentle. She is growing her hair back after needing to be clipped as the weather got warmer.
Sadly horses cannot write an autobiography of their lives so we have little history of what’s happened in her life. This is kind of sad but not unusual with rescue. If anyone recognizes Charlie or Cassey we would love to hear from you. Who knows how many different names and homes they had in their lives. But we do know that this little lady is very sweet and gentle so hopefully she has has a very good life so far.

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