Waiting in the Wings

Howie (Mudriggin 7DL69) was adopted from Sunshine in 2014. 
In the past four years, he has realized that what he really wants to do
is be a jumper or cross country horse. The adopter had hoped to train him for
dressage but Howie does not seem to enjoy this work and is
not progressing. His eyes and ears perk up as we pass the jumps in the arena.

He has gone from not being able to walk over a ground pole to the
ability to jump 2'3".  He has had a total of about 2 years of
professional training twice a week and has won a few ribbons at local
shows including first place in a beginner mini-trial. He trots under
saddle, gallops both leads, and can canter on the left lead but has
trouble still developing it on his right. He leg yields, rein backs,
turns on the forehand, is overall fairly balanced, and very
responsive to seat and leg cues. He excels at cross country jumps like
those on the hunter paces.

He will need a strong intermediate rider who wants a very forward
horse and recognizes when he is testing them. He is currently in great
shape, and if someone wanted to start low-level cross country events
with him, he would be a rockstar. I can speak from experience that he
is very, very fast and in a competitive situation does not tire

He is sound, up to date on all vaccines, negative Coggins in Fall
2017, and farrier (needs front shoes to keep from going foot sore). He
had a dental about  2 years ago. Teeth were in good shape, and he got
wolf teeth removed. He is the world's easiest keeper. He still loads
and ties well and goes into new situations with a keen eye and a
willing heart.  He is a wonderful ambassador for the Standardbred breed.

He will come with his medical records, some SmartPaks, various
supplies like grooming supplies (new), hoof oil, fly mask and spray,
polo wraps, bell boots, some saddle pads, and the bridle and bit that
he likes to work in.


If you are interested in adopting Howie please e-mail katesunshinehorses@yahoo.com


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