Sunshine Horses, Inc. is a non-profit, independent adoption agency and rescue facility for horses in need.  Our farm is located in Clay, NY -15 minutes north of  Syracuse. Founded by Kate Starr in 2003, Sunshine has found loving homes for more than 200 horses. We specialize in retraining and rehoming retired Standardbred racehorses. However, Sunshine rescues all horses in need, regardless of industry or breed, and prepares them for their forever homes.

Sunshine Horses, Inc. is the largest Standardbred adoption group and rescue in New York State.


Just as important to our mission of helping horses is our mission of helping people. Sunshine works with many different community organizations and agencies within Central New York. Through youth and adult volunteer programs, we draw upon the strengths each participant brings to Sunshine and seek to provide personal growth and enrichment. Many program participants face unique challenges of their own, and can empathize and bond with our horses in a special way as they help prepare the horse for adoption.



Mikey at the Kill Pen
Mikey in His Forever Home

​Once coming to Sunshine, all of the horses are rehabilitated and/or trained for different equestrian disciplines prior to  being adopted. Many of our horses are used to being driven, and adapt well to light carts and carriages. Others readily learn to accept a saddle and rider. We strive to give each horse the basics so that they may excel in any discipline or new career they might find. We work with them daily and try our best to match each one’s unique qualities to the needs of a potential adopter.  If a suitable home cannot be found, a horse lives out the rest of their days at Sunshine Horses.  No horse is every euthanized based on his/her adopt-ability. 


Shooter rescued from Kill Pen
Shooter in his Forever Home
Shooter in His Forever Home

3721 Verplank Road

Clay, NY 13041

Tel:(315) 456-9380

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