These horses will live out their days with us at Sunshine. They help to showcase their breed and this organization.


Strawberry is the newest resident at Sunshine.  She is a miniature Jenny with the sweetest bray you ever heard.  She came to Sunshine after finishing a career as a brood mare.  She moves through life at her own pace (very slowly) but occasionally kicks up her heels with bet buddy Sunny.  Look for this sweetheart at appearances and special events.

Exeter's Ultimate

Exeter’s Ultimate is our president Kate’s handsome Morgan gelding. He has impeccable bloodlines (And he knows it!) and is extremely handsome (And he definitely knows that!). Around the barn he goes by Baron. Baron is a spirited boy who likes to challenge his trainers and encourage volunteers to give him extra snacks.  He is a funny and personable gelding who loves hanging out with Caesar.


Sunny is our resident mini rep! He travels to many of our events to help promote Sunshine Horses. He takes his job very seriously and we love being able to take him places where our bigger horses can’t go. Even through he is a mini, Sunny has been known to chase the bigger horses and put them in their place.  Sunny can be found hanging out fellow ambassador Strawberry.  

Ambro Doyle

Armbro Doyle is our seasoned program horse! He has gone to shows and events to show everyone the joys of the Standardbred. Armbro Doyle is incredibly versatile. He seamlessly transitioned from a successful racing career to training horse.  He can go from walking and trotting under saddle (even bareback and in a hackamore) to hitched and ready to go for a drive. He’s a very sweet and gentle boy who loves to teach our visitors all about horses and horse care. Doyle is extremely patient and helps new volunteers learn how to ride.  He is a shining example of what Standardbreds can do.  


Caesar is our president Kate’s Swedish warmblood gelding.  Caesar is extremely talented but doesn’t like to show off.  He is happy to stand for new volunteers and visiting groups while they learn about horses.  He even let our summer camp kids paint him!  When he's not out on the trails with Kate, he can be found paling around with Baron.

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