Pilgrim was an incredibly special horse who lived at Sunshine. He was trustworthy and kind with all of our volunteers, and would roam the barn making friends wherever he went. He was one of those once in a lifetime horses, and any volunteer could tell you just how wonderful and different Pilgrim was. He had a long, happy life and spent his golden years here at Sunshine. Sadly, Pilgrim passed away in the summer of 2014 due to old age.

Now, with an incredibly generous donation from Sara and Eric Tallarico, we have been able to set up a special veterinary fund; and we are doing it in memory of our boy Pilgrim.


The Pilgrim Veterinary Fund is a separate account that will be used to help any horse who comes through our doors and needs special medical attention.


We hope to provide everything from injections to surgeries when required. We want to do everything we can to provide the best care for our horses, and will do what we are able to in order to save a life.

Kill Pen rescue Tito came to us extremely underweight and with rain rot and shoe boils.  You donations are helping to nurse him back to health.  

Our kindly old man Sisko battled the side of effects of founder for several months. To aid in his pain management he received a daily soak in ice boots and got anti-inflammatory medication. With the change to a restricted diet and vigilant care from our farrier Scott, Sisko's founder side effects subsided.  Sisko lived a full life as a Sunshine Ambassador until August 2019 when he crossed the rainbow bridge at age 29.  

Our favorite little guy Zack had a severe bout of colic and went into kidney failure in 2017. With the help of money from the Pilgrim Veterinary Fund we were able to get him to Cornell. Unfortunately he did not respond to treatment and we had to say goodbye. We can’t thank our vets enough for their round the clock care and love for him.

Indy had poll evil, an infection of the uppermost part of his neck at the base of the skull. With help from the Pilgrim Fund we were able to have the infection drained surgically and he is well on the road to recovery.

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