A Poem before the Fair

August 22, 2017

We are beyond elated to be participating once again in Equine Avenue and World of Horses at the Great New York State Fair! While we are putting the last minute touches on our displays and the final coat of hoof polish on our visiting horses hooves, we want to share this poem from fellow Equine Ave guest Mark Munzert of Cowpokes Corral. Mr. Munzert is one of the 2017 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo winners. This poem is just a reflection on some of the work that we do here at Sunshine. While we don’t always have the chance to go to an auction and rescue a horse directly, we are the ones who help take on these rescued ones. We are excited to share this poem with you and cannot wait to meet Mr. Munzert in person.


Rescue Mission

Empty two-horse towed this mission.
To save a horse is what their wishin’.
Road trip to the auction barn,
Lots of horse-folks spinnin’ yarn.
Paper coffee cups in hand.
Dozens of nags are kickin’ sand.
Look ‘em over to see what’s there.
Saving one over another just ain’t fair.
They have confusion in their eyes.
Without a sound you hear their cries.
Blind and old, ribby and infirmed,
hooves not trimmed and never wormed.
Good intentions line one wall
Anxious bidders to answer the call.
“Oh look at that one, he’s so cute.
But that one there, no, he’s a brute”
‘Off-the-track, never won a race,
re-trained, but failed hunter pace.’
“Couldn’t keep her, ran out of cash”,
put her out like weekly trash.
“I need a horse that’s good for me,
Just trading up is all, ya see?”

Kill buyers wait until the end,
Dollars per pound is how they spend.
An elated face makes a save
Worth every penny that she gave.
Some deeply care and fight dollars denial.
Relieved to walk one down freedom’s aisle.


Loaded up and headed out.
A successful jaunt without a doubt.
Carrots and apples to a starving life.
Loving humans battling equine strife.
Her new home, another of many herds.
Introduced with kind human words.
Hopefully this will be the last
Making better of an unkind past.
Retirement village or assisted living,
Horse haven by people giving.
Saving horses a great feeling.
Some left behind, a haunting reeling.



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