An appointment must be made for all visits- no drop-ins. We do not have beginner horses.  All of our horses require an intermediate rider.  We do not adopt outside of a 300 mile radius.  After adoption yearly vet checks are required to be emailed or mailed to us per our adoption contract. We reserve the right to unannounced farm visits.

Adoption fees range from $300-$2,500 depending on the level of training, age, soundness and potential of the horse.


Prior to adoption you must fill out an interest application and schedule an appointment to see the horse.  We follow a right of first refusal and do not hold horses unless the proper paperwork is filled out. Should you continue with the adoption we ask that you fill out an adoption contract and provide references. There is also a home check for the barn where the horse will be stabled.


Please note that when adopting a mare we have a strict no breeding policy. Our contract also has a no resale or lease policy. Should you need to rehome your adopted horse, you must contact us and return them to our facility. Please e-mail or call 315-729-7016 for information on specific horses. 


One of the joys of adopting a retired Standardbred is that they’ve already done it all! These horses have had years of training, so they don’t typically require any additional work in leading, tying, grooming, standing for the vet and farrier, and clipping. They’re also accustomed to new sights, sounds and smells. Plus just about all of our Standardbreds are ready for carriage driving and they are quick to take on a rider.
When you adopt a horse, you’re saving two lives. The first life is the horse you’ve added to your family. And the second is the horse who can now enter our adoption program.
We strive to provide all adopters with honest descriptions of each horse and do our best to find the perfect match for both human and horse.

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