Operating Costs from 2019:
Hay $19,063.64
Grain $13,209.15
Veterinary Services & Medicines $16,395.72
Sawdust $7,870
Farrier $9,924
  • Give a monetary donation: 100% of your donation goes to the horses. We are an all volunteer organization and one one gets paid. All money donations are gratefully accepted and appreciated; not to mention tax deductible!

  • Donate equipment and other farm items: We work hard to keep our facilities in the best shape, so donations of farm equipment (feed/water buckets, pitchforks, tools, hardware, fencing, rubber mats, etc.) are always appreciated. We also use tack donations to aid in training our horses to help them get adopted. Things such as saddles, pads, bridles, harnesses, carts and bits of any discipline and in good condition are more than welcome.

  • Donate horse care items: We can go through lots of care items from grooming tools to first aid. Any donations of medical or grooming care are gratefully accepted.

  • Drop off cans and bottles: We’re always collecting returnables! We use the money we make from them to buy feed and other supplies. Drop off bottles at our barn!

  • Sponsor a horse: There are 4 levels of sponsorship that vary in amount. The full sponsorship of the horse of your choice is $200 per month and covers all of the basic monthly costs of the horse (feed, hay, bedding, farrier and stall).  Sponsoring is great for people who can’t have a horse in their back yard!

How can you help? Here are a few ways:




  • A bale of hay cost $3.50-$4.00 per bale, and we get 500 bales per load

  • Grain costs over $900 per month

  • A visit from the farrier can cost almost $1000 total, and the farrier comes out to trim hooves every 6-8 weeks

  • A visit from the dentist costs $75 per horse

  • A load of sawdust bedding can cost around $500 a load

  • Each horse gets fresh bedding every morning, and we have over 30 horses

  • Deworming pastes can run anywhere from $5-$15, vaccinations can run up to $70 a year; and that is for one horse

  • Vet bills can vary depending on the reasons for their visit

  • Our horses make over 1200 pounds of manure in a day, and it costs around $1000 to have the manure removed

  • Fence panels to help us expand our paddocks cost $70 per panel

What It Takes:

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